Herbal Blends.... What's the tea?

Herbal Blends.... What's the tea?

By now we've all heard about adding lavender to the blunt, but there is much more to herbal indulgence than that. Mixing your herb with more herbs (haha) is a special way to add intention into your sesh. 

Whether you're reaching for your Juicy Travel Bag because Aunt Flow caused a full meltdown or because you're heading to a pool party with the girls, we all set an intention before we light up. Adding other smokeable (or steepable) herbs to the scene empowers that intention. The conservation of your green goodies is simply, a bonus.

There are many many MANY different herbs to choose from, we recommend checking out an apothocary, such as our lovely herbalist @apothecarythamani, for researched information about what herbs to use and how to ingest or inhale them safely. Many herbalists sell their own herbal blends, very chic!

Soo, what's in an herbal blend? Herbal blends are comprised of three parts:

1. Base  something light and fluffy to shape the blend like red raspberry leaf or Mullein.

2. Supportive herbs with properties that support your lungs and or nervous system ... I mean, somebody's gotta do it! This could be Marshmallow leaf which is known to help soothe your throat and lungs (it's an ingredient in @throatcoat tea) 

3. Flavor I mean, it's in the name lol. These can be rose, chamomile, spearmint, or lavender. 

These three parts are added in a 4:2:1 ratio (2:1:1/2 works too, if you aren't a math-o-holic) 

Now, when it's time to use your herbal blend it's important to slowly introduce them into your routine. We've all met someone who added lavender to their bowl and then had horrible vomiting after. We like to add a sprinkle on top to our joint right before we roll it up, after that you can move on to half cannabis and half herbal blend. 

The amazing thing about these blends is they can also be steeped into tea, which is crazy delicious, BUT ingesting herbs increases it's potency so if you make yourself some tea we recommend waiting a few hours before smoking any of the blend. 

Here at Juicy Hemp Co, we partnered with Houston based Herbalist, Akayla Thamani to develop full bodied intentional herbal blends for our Juicy Queens, Kings, and Royalty. Our first two blends The PMS Blend and Summer Fun Blend are available June 15th