So Hemp is a COVID-19 warrior??

So Hemp is a COVID-19 warrior??

So once again, Hemp is ALL the rage. However, the public is severely misinformed about this topic since the government would rather have a population addicted to pills than fully embrace Hemp and its healing properties.

I'm sure you have seen a bunch of buzz around this breaking news: that compounds in the Hemp plant have been shown to prevent COVID-19 from entering into human cells (

We spent four years sifting through science mumbo-jumbo for these exact moments, so you can be the fully aware queen you are. Long story short, getting high will not prevent you from getting COVID-19, but you can extract CBDA and CBGA from Hemp flower using something like alcohol or coconut MCT oil. 
HOWEVER, this is just a study and is not necessarily transmutable to humans yet. 

Let's get into the science stuff, I promise it won't have you drooling asleep on your desk!

So think of the COVID-19 virus as a ball with crown-like spikes (corona means "crown"). Because that's what it is. 

The stars of the show here are two compounds found in the Hemp plant, CBDA and CBGA. (I know, WTF are those!?) CBDA (cannabidolic acid) and CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) are the Lil' Kim, where CBD and CBG are Nicki Minaj. Both are culturally necessary, but one had to come first to pave the way for the second queen. We will use CBDA ---> CBD as the example, since most people are familiar with CBD. 

Now I know this looks crazy, but literally all this means is that CBDA transforms into the CBD we all know and love via a chemical reaction. In order for COVID-19 to infect our bodies, the spiky ball molecule MUST connect to one of the cells in the human body. SO, the two Hemp compounds mentioned in the article (CBDA & CBGA) come in and hook onto the spikes of the COVID-19 ball, killing their vibe and making it difficult for that corona ball to stick to your human cell. 

That is literally it!! Now I know we all love our queen Mary Jane, but this is just not her time to shine. Smoking Mary Jane will not prevent COVID-19 from entering your cells, but taking CBD tinctures every day as directed may have an impact. 

Now that you are a well-versed science legend, tell all of your friends, family, dogs, whoever!! 

Disclaimer: This article is for education purposes only and is not to be used as medical advice. 

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