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Venus in Capricorn: What does this have to do with me??

If you have been feeling a huge shift in your internal world or struggling with your sense of self when it comes to your relationships, you can blame the stars once again. On December 19th 2021, Venus will be chilling in the sign of Capricorn. Through this, we are forced to look deep within the structure of our thoughts to reshape our "value systems, important relationships, and stories about love. We gravitate toward connections that are in it for the long haul." (

Unless you sit around and study astrology all day, it is difficult to know which sources to trust to bring you information that actually applies to your personal growth and doesn't tell you it's time to text your ex. After obsessing endlessly for the past couple of days, I wanted to share some of these sources so that you may find peace and clarity through understanding what this energy shift means for your personal journey.

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General Tea: This is where you get an idea of what this means 


Specific: This is where you connect the dots in your real life.... it gets crazy!