Curated Vintage Smoking Tray Home Decor

Who Needs a Bar Cart, when you can have a Herbal Tray?

Are you tired of seeing your friends displaying their designer alcohol and adorable glassware on a vintage cart perfect for serving? When your poor herbal stash is left to sulk in an old shoe box?

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We at Juicy Hemp Co are FINALLY taking a stand! JUSTICE FOR HERBAL TRAYS! 

Building your herbal tray is just like building a bar cart, only greener(;

First up, you need a serving tray that matches your aesthetic. Is it gold and mirrored? Pink glass? Or chic and silver? 

You want something that allows you to show up like Regina's Mom to serve the girls (all adults in this situation, PLZ)

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Next, you need a cute little box for your trinkets (lol) If you prefer to buy your herb in bulk, you might want to use a mason jar, or a vintage cookie jar, but if you're wanting to store a small amount, a trinket box is PERFECT, just make sure you like how it looks with your tray!

Heart of Glass Stash JarSpanish Villa Stash Jar 80's Rose Stash Jar

Finally, an ashtray! Now this is where things can get crazy! Building your herbal tray is so fun and original, take away the shame you feel pulling out your ziploc bag and put your stash on display!

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Olive Branch Vintage Mini Ash TrayPink Butterfly AshtrayQueen Elizabeth Shareable Ashtrays

You can style your setup however you'd like, but here is some Juicy Inspiration!

The Deluxe Blueberry Pie Bundle

The Deluxe Blueberry Pie Bundle paired with The Magic Mirror Tray

The Juicy Bundle Paired with the Magic Mirror Tray

The Juicy Bundle paired with the Magic Mirror Tray


Juicy Herbal Setup

The Essentials Collection paired with the 80's Rose Stash Jar and

Divine Silver tray