About Us

Juicy Hemp Co. was founded by college best friends Tara Velasquez and Evey Casparis.

Instead of obsessing over research in the Biochemistry program, we obsessed over female entrepreneurs.  It was our dream to create a company we love that serves people like us. 

While there are smoke shops on every corner, we never seemed to find products we loved to show off. We believe women who smoke deserve access to stylish and practical accessories they can display in their homes, instead of tucking them away in a box. Juicy Hemp Co. was created to give women a voice in the hemp world where they are often overlooked.

We have worked tirelessly to bring the Essentials Collection to life, including rolling papers, grinders, lighters, and more with a stylish, feminine touch. Rooted in our values of sustainability and individuality, we have also curated a collection of vintage CBD accessories including ash trays, rolling trays, stash jars, and more.  We would love for you to join us on our journey to add elegance and vibrancy to your CBD experience.