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Juicy Matte Crushers

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The Juicy Matte Crushers are a crucial part of your collection. A matte silicone coating and high-quality aluminum alloy interior, breaks up herbs effortlessly. Our crusher has three compartments so, you can grind, store, and collect every last crumb. As a bonus, the crushers are equipped with a fun-sized brush and scraper for those pesky nooks and crannies.

Diameter: 2.48 in

Height: 1.85 in

Made in China

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tatum Hansen
Great, iso alc takes off color

I think this is a great grinder! But be careful if cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol. i let mine sit for too long and accidentally took off the paint

Claire Randall
Smooth, grinds fast, and cute af!

This is the cutest sleek grinder I’ve ever had! Let alone being the best one! It grinds in about 3 turns and perfect grind size for bowl or paper. It collects keef so fast and the tools for the bottom catcher are so helpful! 10/10 would recommend!


Truly the best grinder I've ever used. Super sharp, a great size, and amazing quality (it's perfectly heavy and the matte covering doesn't come off easily or tarnish!). My favorite part is how much full the catch chamber gets!!! After using the grinder for a couple months and using it maybe once a week, the catch chamber is almost completely full. It even comes with a super handy little brush to help scrape the cannabis off the sides of the chamber (and avoid sticky fingers—see pic). It's AMAZING. It's also just so cute and goes so well with all of my accessories! Want one in every color, solely to be extra.

Also note the cute butterfly ashtray I got from juicy vintage collection :)

Ashley H.
Favorite grinder ever 💜

I love this little cutie!! Literally the best grinder i’ve ever owned. Super sharp (i overstuff it and it still grinds everything in 3 turns after a month of use), finish is great quality and really durable, and it’s cute enough to leave out on my tray rather than stashing like i’ve had to do with every other grinder i’ve had. Would absolutely buy again, but don’t think i’ll need to for a long time because it’s so stinkin well made.
~ok also editing to add i have carpal tunnel and this has been the easiest grinder for me to use everrrr~